I'm a graphic and type design fanatic / multi-instrumentalist / avid podcast listener, …  And I do things very meticulously.


Animation Bootcamp
    (School of Motion, 2021)
Workshop with Swiss Typefaces
    (Glasgow, in 2019)
Typography Summer School
    (London, in 2017)
KASK · School of Arts
    (Ghent, 2010 – 2014)


    (May 2019 - August 2021)
    (August 2016 - August 2018)
    (March 2016 - May 2016)
Ark Communication
    (October 2015 - January 2016)
Studio AH—HA - Internship
    (April 2015 - June 2015)


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Stills Cocktailbar

Branding for a cocktailbar that makes its own fermented juices, dried fruit and syrups.

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Antwerp, BE

Makeout Studio

Font designed as part of the 2020 branding of Makeout Studio.

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Antwerp, BE

Chapeau Sans

Font design for Bridal shop: Le Chapeau. Made in two weeks as part of a branding project at MAKEOUT.
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Antwerp, BE

Mark Two

Font design for communication agency: MARK TWO. Made in two weeks as part of a branding project at MAKEOUT.
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Antwerp, BE

Poolside Studio

A cozy place for writing, pimping, producing, arranging, recording & mixing your music. Poolside studio needed a logo and fitting display font that was plain enough to be taken serious but off-the-wall enough to emphasize it’s musical nature.

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AUG 2018
Ghent, BE

Love Sans

A display font initially designed for use at MAKEOUT studio over the course of 3 weeks. This font combined clear sans serif principles with inktraps and personality.

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AUG 2019
Antwerp, BE


Uppercase display font made during 36 days of type. It combines upper and lowercase elements to create new forms.

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MAR 2020
Antwerp, BE

In No Particular Order

A collaboration in the form of a book. This book was made using photographs and collages of Austin based talent: Meredith Mccarty. I put them together and wrote down associations that came to me with certain images.

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MAR 2015
Rupelmonde, BE 


Created in a couple of days as one of the concepts for a client, Tectura is my attempt at combining 2 worlds into one typeface. ‘Haus’ is modernist inspired while ‘Roman’ is traditional.

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FEB 2020
Antwerp, BE


The last assignment at Typography Summer School was to make a font based on certain letters. It was a collaborative project between Maho Kameda, Nick Massarelli and me.

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JUN 2017
London, UK

Album Artwork

Artwork I made for bands.

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Various places

Subtare DemiBold

A display font designed to be modern with a humanist approach. It was created during my internship at Studio AH—HA.

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MAY 2015
Lisbon, PT