Every Ounce of Nothing Lasts Forever

Debut album + poetry booklet + expo


Type design
CD artwork
Booklet design
Musical composition

After 2 years of writing poetry and composing music, I wanted to release this compilation of tracks in a unique way.
             Photographer Sander Buekers received the music and poetry and used this to take a picture that fit each track. We decided to release everything all at once during an expo / listening event held in Antwerp.
             The entrance would look like a gallery with the photographs and selfmade T-shirt designs up on the wall. In the basement we installed a setup with a reel-to-reel tape machine for a listening party.
            The physical album would come in the form of a red metallic bubblewrap envelop filled with a cd, poetry booklet and sticker. The digital album art is an composition of all of the photographs Sander took overlapping into one image.